Monaco, January 18th 2017: Platinium Group SAM, a leading e-commerce company in the ticketing sport industry headquartered in Monaco, launches a new brand and website to feature exclusive Grand Prix hospitality: The dedicated luxury travel and Formula 1 hospitality site features every Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season, and lets visitors browse through an intuitive and easily navigable interface where rich content vividly describes each featured service.

“Platinium Group takes an important step forward with the launch of GPexperiences, both in terms of expending our already existing knowledge within Formula 1 hospitality and in our ability to provide an outstanding user experience. With this site, we can feature luxury services in a whole new way to our existing customer base, as well as expand and attract a new audience within Formula 1 and luxury travel,” announces Platinium Group’s Digital Marketing Manager Marvin Campbell.

Thanks to Platinium Group’s 35 years of expertise in Formula 1 hospitality and traveling, GPexperiences stands on a ground of thorough knowledge that will provide clients with an outstanding experience through their remarkable Grand Prix journey. The site opens opportunities for visitors to imagine themselves experiencing the featured events and activities through video content, detailed descriptions and captivating images. Platinium Group’s dedicated Hospitality Team is of assistance through each step of the process, and can provide highly customized Grand Prix itineraries.

“Our worldwide connections within the hospitality industry allows us to offer the ultimate experience, including everything from the most exclusive VIP passes at the circuit to luxury hotels, off-market driving experiences, helicopter sightseeing, meet-and-greet with celebrities and much more,” explains Platinium Group’s Hospitality Manager Renata Lucca.

Since the launch, GPExperiences keeps on being updated with the latest services, luxury travel and off-track activities within Formula One Hospitality. Platinium Group is aspiring to create a complete sport hospitality portal through GPExperiences; the site will feature VIP and Hospitality services for other sports in the future. Visit the new website.

About Platinium Group
Platinium Group SAM is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies on the market, and a key player in the Digital Ticketing Business. Offering a high-end ticketing technology to some of the best-known sports events in the world, the company also plays a dominant role in the retail ticketing market through its consumer brand Through Monte Carlo Travel and GPExperiences, the company also encompass long-time experience in the luxury travel and Formula 1 hospitality business.