Transactional emails : The true power of email marketing

Customer touch points that can improve service levels, increase repeat sales and deepen customer engagement.

Foster Stronger Customer Relationships

Our ticketing solution comes with a built-in capability to allow you manage customer relationships via triggered email communication.These are a set of transactional email messages that can be customised to your event and are triggered by customers’ behaviour. Interact with your customers by responding to their actions with relevant communication that provides key information during key stages of the customer journey such as the discovery, purchase, anticipation, reflection and advocacy stages.

Customer Service: Your lasting competitive advantage

Our customer care service focuses on human interaction skills as critical factors for sustained customer satisfaction

Inbound calls

Inbound calls

Handled with the highest levels of care, our well-trained teams provide assistance on any pre or post sale customer queries.

Email response

Email response

Dedicated email support that meets any performance requirements with tailored service levels and branding requirements.

Chat support

Chat support

Live support on site that gives you a unique opportunity to assist your customers through the purchase path with a personal touch.

Reward Loyalty: Give them a reason to come back

Social media: Ensure your brand is part of the conversation

Build deeper relationships with customers and turn them into brand advocates

A two- way conversation!

Social media communities offer customers a unique way to interact with brands and influence others at a speed and reach that was never possible before. These conversations are marked by customers’ experiences when interacting with your brand and actions connected to your event. We understand the value of having a meaningful presence in the social media space and we can help you connect with your customers through these social media communities.

We help you manage all aspects of your social media presence, including engagement and publishing activities as well as customer feedback and responses. As part of strengthening this connection we can simplify the path for customers to access tickets for your event by providing a seamless integration of your ticket-shop into your Facebook fan page.

Social Media Networks

Facebook 95%
Twitter 90%
Google+ 88%
Pinterest 85%