Monaco, December 18th 2015: Platinium Group SAM, a leading e-commerce company in the ticketing sport industry, has taken a revolutionary step towards enhancing online ticket shop technology by introducing an interactive and 3-dimensional purchasing experience for Formula One Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Initiating a radical improvement of user experience, the unique shop offers the customer an interactive view of the entire track and all seating sections around the venue. Once a section is chosen, it is possible to click and experience what the actual 360-degree view from the selected seat will be like on race day. The new technology renders the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with perfect accuracy and allows visitors to picture themselves at different locations of the venue prior to their purchase, which is a tremendous improvement of the user experience that completely transforms the way customers choose and book tickets.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya 3D ticket shop is the first one of its kind in Formula One. Due to the large venues and varying seating options, this technology represents a crucial development for the Formula One ticket-purchasing experience since it offers consumers a complete new way of acquiring seats. Platinium Group’s technology is applicable to any venue within sports and entertainment, and can be functionally and aesthetically integrated to existing websites according to their current design.

“Platinium Group has invested extensively in R&D to create the first end-to-end 3-dimensional booking experience in the world. We are especially happy to be pioneers within 3D ticket shop technology in Formula One, and hope to expand this technology to many more Formula One racing venues in order to give consumers the best and most accurate booking experience we can,” says Platinium Group CEO Steve Sasportas.

About Platinium Group:
Platinium Group SAM is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies on the market, and a key player of the Digital Ticketing Business. Offering a high-end ticketing technology to some of the best known sports events in the world, the company also plays a dominant role in the retail ticketing market through its consumer brand,