Who we are

Platinium Group S.A.M. is an international company based in Monaco and founded in 1985 on the credence that business intelligence should be built around customer experience. Playing a significant part in the e-commerce industry over the last 10 years, the company specialises in ticketing technology, ticketing brokerage and luxury travel. Our tickets are sold worldwide and we provide one of the most powerful box office software and ticketing system in the industry. Praised as ground-breaking, our technology is used by some of the biggest brands of the Sports Industry and our solutions are recognised on a global scale.

Striving constantly for evolution and pushing-back the boundaries, our approach to accessing, managing and interacting with data is the key to our customers´ success. This success is built on an unbroken customer-centric approach and passion for simplicity, easy of use and effectiveness, which are our trademark since the company’s establishment.

Our Expertise:

Ticketing Technology 90%
E-commerce 95%
Marketing & CRM 90%
Event Logistics 85%
Years of Activity
Countries where we operate
Site Visitors

What we believe

Deliver Results

Technology and services to help you meet and beat expectations

We improve and Optimise ROI

Incremental revenue generation, lower cost and higher profits.

Customer Centricity

Deliver a rewarding customer experience that fuels your business growth.

Customer Care Excellence

Effective CRM programs, optimised customer journey and lifecycle.


Powerful technology to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Tailored for Success

User-friendly tools, effective data management and customised solutions.

Global Reach

Breaking barriers – Everyone - Everywhere – Anytime.

Worldwide Communication

Multi language / currency, segmentation and channels to access global audiences.
The world of e-commerce can be a challenging place to compete in. Everyday Businesses are faced with decisions to make, strategies to define and actions to implement. At Platinium Group we pride ourselves on being one of best in the business to guide you through every step.

We believe in pioneering approaches that continuously push back the boundaries to fulfil our promise of delivering the very best solutions, service, technology and advice. It is via these numerous working patterns that we transform your challenges into opportunities and set you for global success. Placing the customer at the heart of our strategy is part of our philosophy to create solutions that will make your business thrive.

We believe in empowering event organisers around the world to achieve their goals by offering sustainable and scalable solutions to serve and satisfy their customers online. In parallel, we strive to deliver rewarding experiences to end-users across the world with the ambition of turning the average consumer to a regular fan.
Audacity, Simplicity, Passion and Excellence are the ethics, which drive our business model. We pride ourselves to honour these values through the promise of driving success and providing meaningful results to our clients.
Our cutting-edge solutions also rely on years of experience in the Ticketing industry. Our know-how covers a wide range of areas including Marketing, E-commerce, Site optimisation and Event Management among others. Our strong commercial and business acumen is the trademark of our talented team, which is ready to help you define and execute your strategy.
Our team lines up experts of the e-commerce, online marketing, and technology development industries, as well as other various areas we cover. The vast years of experience and numerous business backgrounds of our team members are valuable assets under our belt that truly enhance our expertise and allow us to be a high-sought partner beyond our technology.

What we do

Why Work with Us?

  • Cutting-edge technology and intuitive tools and solutions.
  • Powerful systems with a dedicated back office and optimised UI.
  • Industry experts and e-commerce know-how.
  • Data-driven decision-making based on our analytics tools.
  • CRM solutions and guidance through the full customer journey.
  • Customer-centricity at the heart of every solution we offer.
  • Dedicated Account Managers to deliver a 1-to-1 service.